Dear Tribal Member: 2 With all the issues facing our tribes: corruption, misspending of tribal funds, non-transparency, no monthly gaming revenue reports, tribal indebtedness, hiring and appointments of unauthorized personnel, noncompliance with court orders, $94,000 paid out per year to Richard Grellner’s paper ; The City Sentinel, Debrax Security and C.E.U, Inc.’s involvement with tribal security are just some of the many failures the current leadership has created for our tribes. To remedy these issues I will bring stability to the tribes, restore our creditability and integrity with government agencies and most important tribal government, so we will once again have the respect and trust of all our people. For these reasons, I have decided to run for Governor. I have the experience, knowledge, education (insert degrees and education within these parenthesis separated by comas) and ability to reform our government. I will stop the corruption and bring justice to any person who has violated the rights of our people and tribal government. We have many tribal members who have been fired for unjust reasons, I will work to have them reinstated, and this includes our casinos. I will provide more information in time. Do not let the lies and rumors discourage you. Thank you and justice is on its way.

Darrell Flyingman